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An Organization needs the most knowledgeable and highly skilled workforce which leads to improved communication, productivity, and ultimately in furthering the organization’s goals.  To achieve the desired result Human Resource Management plays an integral role in the formation of this workforce. 

We view Human Resources as a strategy-focused extension of every business and is an essential component of virtually all businesses and organizations. 

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Learning and development

Flexibility and collaboration are the future of learning and development. We collaborate to prepare and execute a strategic development plan, which will enable leaders to better manage skills gaps by ensuring people are rapidly upskilled or reskilled for the benefit of work and business performance.

Talent Acquisition

Effective recruiting combines a bit of art with science. It requires implementing repeatable processes that will lead to reliable results. We act as a business partner with a strategic talent acquisition approach as acquiring talent is essential for an organization to meet its goals and to succeed in a rapidly changing marketplace.



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PMS Modules

We design modules to assist managers and supervisors in using the process to give constructive, developmental feedback. We also develop and encourage employees to gain strategies for using performance management to ensure that they get the feedback they need for development and engage proactively.

Policy development and Implementation

Our “Konnect Model” helps people and organizations to effectively develop and implement all HR policies such as guidelines, procedures, codes and regulations, which can be adopted by management to guide workplace activities. Our team is also expert in developing different modules like Talent Acquisition module, PMS Module, Talent Management Module, Compliance Module etc.

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Compliance reporting and Risk Management

Our Team understands how compliance and risk management differ, and how to bring the two together, which can make a real impact at the organizations.   We help protect organizations from a variety of unique risks through compliance reporting and risk management services.

Talent management

We develop and manage Talent management Programmes to aim at improving business performance through practices that make employees more productive. Our Talent management module engages at each level of the process; the attraction, selection, and retention of employees, which involves a combination of HR processes across the employee life cycle to meet current and future business objectives.

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Employee Screening Services

Whether you are a large enterprise spreading across continents, a small business expanding rapidly across functional areas, a medium business growing across different product lines and geographies, or a one person proprietorship adding your first employee, we have all your background screening and verification needs covered.

We do verify the entire employment history and review the associated experience letters and salary slips for each of the employers. Feedback is solicited on a variety of points.



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