Security Management

We have security designers, architects and analysts to balance security controls against risks, taking into account the costs of specifying, developing, testing, implementing, using, managing, monitoring and maintaining the controls, along with broader issues such as aesthetics, human rights, health and safety, and societal norms or conventions.

We also offer customized security packages to meet the needs of our partners across a wide range of industries such as warehousing, construction, retail, banking, educational institutions and hospitality.

We understand your requirements and customize our services accordingly. We have always aspired to manage our clients’ expectations, maintain high availability, practice honesty and transparency in all our communications and dealings. We have been successful in achieving so by bringing together great teams across sales, customer service, verifications and engineering.

Physical Security

Physical Security remains the backbone of Integrated Security Systems. Our team is adept at deploying multiple layers of interdependent systems designed to protect persons and property. Physical security is a preventative measure and incident response tool by which appropriate incident responses can be triggered.

We get associated with professionally monitored Security Systems which helps minimize damage while keeping our stakeholders safe. We also lay emphasis on fast response time as Delay is detrimental to Security systems. 

Electronic Security

Electronic Security is a method by which something is secured through a system of interworking components and devices. … Wired or wireless. Our end-to-end services take care of everything from conducting surveys, analyzing requirements, designing solutions to implementing and installing electronic security systems. We do leverage the power of technology to keep people, assets, information and business safe with intelligent monitoring. Strategically, tie-ups have been done with leading global electronic security systems companies producing the most innovative and versatile technology.

Security Vulnerability Assessment

Today many of the threats, such as terrorism, organised crime, and information security, are asymmetric and networked, making them more difficult to manage. There is also greater appreciation of the interdependence between a company’s risk portfolio and the way it does business. At the same time, security risks have become more complex, too.

A Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) is potentially one of the most powerful tools for improving infrastructure security and Security Processes. 

Employee Verification

Whether you are considering employee background verification for the first time or you are a veteran who has ‘been there, done that’ with background checks, we look forward to talking to you. Every check which we do is reliable, timely and backed by suitable supporting material. We understand how critical each of the individual checks is for your background verification requirements, so we always craft custom verifications that fit your needs. We take on the task of complete employee background verification, and give you a thoroughly verified candidate by bringing a great team with expertise in background verifications, technology and online businesses.

Crime detection and prevention-

Our Experts employ techniques at each process stages of detecting crime that is evidence collection, identification and analysis. They also undertake activities to detect the likelihood of crime occurrence and the actions taken to prevent the crime from happening.

 The methods of detection employed are dictated by the nature of the crime and the procedures permitted by the legal system. Most investigations begin with careful, objective observations that are then assembled, collated, and matched against applicable law. 

Fraud Management

Fraud detection is a set of processes and analyses that allow businesses to identify and prevent unauthorized financial activity. This can include fraudulent credit card transactions, identity theft, cyber hacking, insurance scams, and more. Fraud is a serious business risk that needs to be identified and mitigated in time.

Our Experts employ techniques like adaptive and predictive analytics (i.e., machine learning) to create a fraud risk score along with real-time monitoring of fraudulent events. This allows continuous monitoring of transactions and crimes in real-time. 


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